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Dear Lineage Disrupter and Empowered Woman

You came to do things differently – from pregnancy and birth to relationship, business and being of service. You have a message to share and a legacy to anchor. You are a healer and you are here to help birth heaven on earth.

And yet, you’ve also struggled – from your own life lessons and traumas, to being too big for your body, to feeling full and uncertain on how to express your soul callings. You may have been called or felt like “the black sheep”, the outcast or the one who simply doesn’t fit in. 

Note: I prefer to call you a Disruptor – one who enters your lineage with the gifts of the ancestors and the clarity of spirit to shift the predominant paradigm and or bring light to what was previously hidden or avoided. This is no small order however you have been gifted with consciousness and the codes to overcome with grace.

You may have felt alone and quite possibly, you’ve gone through a dark night of the soul and most definitely, you have had multiple returns to remembering who you are, seeing through the veil and recommitting to your sacred path.

My dear one, you are being called to service and you know this is the moment that you have been prepared for.

  • Whether you are hereto rise into motherhood and uplevel your consciousness so you can create a new epigenetic reality for your children….
  • Whether you are here to channel your gifts, message and mission through sacred business and online transmissions…
  • Whether you are here to strengthen your abilities to center, connect, create, align and awaken… 

I am here as a guide, ally and coach as you do what you do – do things differently – whether that be with your self-care, business and call to motherhood.

I am available to help you prepare for conception and transform ancestral patterns of pain into power, to help you excavate and birth your online course and visionary services, or to help you create self-care strategy and embodiment practices that clear, charge and hold space for all that you are.

I believe in you. 

With Love, Jocelyn 

Jocelyn Gordon

I am a preconception doula, meditation guide, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner, a single mama and peaceful birth advocate. I am the creator of HoopYogini and Bhakti Boogie Yoga, two transformative movement practices that integrate dance with yoga and mindfulness meditation. In 2014, I developed the 200hr HoopYogini Online Yoga Teacher Training as a lifestyle and leadership journey guiding yoga teachers, nurses, body workers, movement enthusiasts and other healers to lead holistic fitness experiences that are fun, accessible and deeply healing. Teaching online since 2011 has allowed me to travel with my daughters, become a global citizen and mentor beings from around the world whilst studying with leading edge birth emissaries including Ibu Robin Limm and Debra Pascali-Bonaro. It is my calling to help you birth your best life and nurture your future ancestors by helping you connect and collaborate with the energy wishing to be born through you.
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  • “Jocelyn is a modern day magic woman. The real deal, as you can tell from her graceful, powerful presence. She doesn’t need to talk about female embodiment — She just IS fully and gracefully in her body, inspiring and transforming all those who come into contact with her. Work with her, be with her; your life will be forever changed for the better.”

    Dr. Ezzie Spencer, Best Selling Author of “An Abundant Life: Flourishing with the Cycles of the Moon“, Australia
  • “I met Jocelyn in Bali at the Eat Pray Doula Gentle Birth Training led by my heroines of birth – Ibu Robin Lim and Debra Pascali-Bonaro. I had the pleasure to practice gentle early morning yoga with Jocelyn. Each morning I would wake up to be with Jocelyn for her gorgeous practice designed for Doulas working with pregnant moms. I was fascinated by the way she moved, the way she encouraged us to self massage our bodies with coconut oil (I was unaware of this ancient Ayurvedic practice at the time) while telling us how important it is to love our bodies and ourselves.”

    Maíra D. B. Magalhãe, Certified Birth Doula and yoga Teacher, Brazil Malaysia


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