I offer one-to-one coaching sessions, group journeys, workshops, online courses and dynamic presentations.

The content and offerings on this site are intended to:

  • support you with your call to motherhood and personal healing so you can nurture a heart and soul focused family and become a compassionate vessel for the incoming ancient wise ones that are making up the new earth
  • provide visionary business development helping you create a powerful online presence that delivers your soul gifts, gives you time freedom and generates money around the clock
  • help you align your body, heart, and soul so you can hear your inner guidance, feel at one with the benevolence of the universe and strengthen the courage required to live the life of your dreams including raising your family according to your collective values and soul purpose, and running a business without diminishing your health

Whether you need to update your self-care strategy, heal your birth story, turn ancestral pain into power, learn how to meditate, integrate your experiences, up-level your physical health, channel your book (course or baby), or build your visionary queendom, you are in the right place.

Pre-Conception & Pregnancy

Preconception Preparation & Fertility Optimization

For many women, the preparation for motherhood centers on pregnancy and birth. Growing is a conversation on the important fourth trimester – the three month sacred window after birth where baby, mother and family bond and heal. What is often overlooked unless there is a fertility challenge, is the preconception journey – three months to two years prior to conception –  where a woman on her own or within her partnerships, prepares the body, mind, emotions, energy and spirit for the powerful initiations of conception, pregnancy, birth and sacred guardianship. 

Conscious Conception Coaching supports new earth guardians with their own re-parenting and assists them with transforming ancestral patterns of pain into power, addressing fears related to birth and identifying values all whilst connecting and collaborating with the energy wishing to be born through them. This ultimately brings more ease, wisdom and joy to each sacred milestone within the parenting journey.

Special to note: The souls and energies coming in now are ancient and wise. They require enlightened vessels for their journey earthside. Conscious Conception prepares you for receiving these up-leveled energies. 

Self-Care Strategy

Self-Care & Embodiment

What you seek is seeking you!

As you grow to receive and birth the new energies within you (whether that be a baby, book, course or movement) you’ll need practices that help you center, connect and create. 

Movement and meditation, ceremony, prayer and ritual are time-tested tools connecting you to the essence of your being, the power of community, the vastness of spirit and the energies wishing to be born through you. Through these practices you gain clarity, grow in courage, deepen in compassion and expand your capacity to create, sustain and let go.

Discover ways to maximize your self-care, meditation and embodiment sessions. Listen to the wisdom within your body and embrace contradiction on your journey to wholeness. Allow your practices to clear, charge and hold space for that which you are creating. Embrace pleasure, dance and play as your most potent allies. 

Business Visioning

Leadership & Legacy

Giving birth to your business or transitioning from one-to-one and hands-on sessions to a global online presence that radiates your gifts, takes you out of the time for dollars paradigm and allows you to generate an income around the clock, requires an uplevel of beliefs, a compassionate assessment of fears and an abundance of concentrated hours where you “do the thing”. 

Whether you are creating your first online course, expanding your services or pivoting your business, receive mentorship and coaching that helps you leverage your talents, avoid roadblocks, identify self-sabotage and take step-by-step action to anchor your message and legacy.

I help you acquire courage and develop the focus required to bring your sacred gifts into the world.